A New Hope – My Election Night Thoughts

A New Hope – My Election Night Thoughts

Can you believe it? Donald Trump actually won the election! He is the new president-elect!

Eating Crow

I have to eat a lot of crow do to the criticism I shot at Trump. I wrongly said that there is no way Donald Trump could win the election without minority support. I based this on the fact that George W. Bush barely won his two elections when he had the support of hispanics. Barack Obama overwhelmingly won his two elections with the support of every minority group. Let’s just say I put a lot of stock in minorities. Honestly, I thought Trump was too divisive in the primaries and general election. I felt as though he was not taking the debates serious enough, and I felt his political knowledge lacked substance. As a student of politics, and someone who was hopeful for conservative change, I was disappointed. In the end I felt we conservatives had given the election to Hillary. I was so upset that I had even made the comment that I may not vote for Trump and instead support Evan McMillan. I ultimately cast my vote for Trump, but I was not happy about it.

Election Night

As election night approached I still felt the same. Every major poll showed that Trump was going to lose in a landslide. I am not one of those that believe the election was rigged or even that the media was trying to sway the election with false polling. I honestly feel that there were many “cabin” Trump supporters. Those who felt they would be polarized as angry rednecks, racist, haters of Muslims and hispanics, and ignorant. Who decided to keep their vote a secret, and if you do a general Google search there are claims that this was the case.

My wife and I watched the election night coverage on CBS (we only have local news) and followed the New York Times app which had live numbers coming in every minute. We watched as dreadfully states started turning light blue, especially Florida, and my nightmare was coming true. I told my wife if Hillary wins Florida it’s all over. But then something happened, something that seemed like a miracle, or a glitch in the app. Florida and other swing states started turning light red. My wife came running into the living room saying with excitement, “Trump is winning!” I was stunned, CBS was stunned. I turned it to ABC, NBC, even PBS and they were all stunned. A CBS host said “Could Trump really win this election?”

Around 3-4am rolls around and my wife is waking me up off the couch with the news that the miracle had happened. Donald J Trump had defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the 45th president of the United States. Immediately I was filled with a filling I had not had in years.

A New Hope

Republican National Convention: Day Four
Please excuse the Star Wars reference, but I was filled with hope and peace. Not because “my candidate” had won, because he was far from being “my candidate”. What I was feeling was the Holy Spirit. I immediately started praising God because I knew that there would not be another Christian held hostage in the Middle East as the U.S. president sits silently. I knew that Israel finally had our support again (Trumps AIPAC Speech Highlights). Christian liberty would not be attacked in the name of “love”. Trump is no saint, but could he be sent by God to restore the U.S.?  I know that I and many Christians around the world hit our knees in prayer for this election. The result is an answered prayer by a God that has heard our cries. I feel a spirit of revival in America and this is my new hope.

In Christ,