AYC Missions – Montreal, Quebec


My wife and I are just a week away from boarding a plane and flying to Montreal, Quebec for our missions trip, and from what we hear Montreal is absolutely beautiful. As a married couple this is our first missions trip together, my second North American Mission’s trip, and her first.

I thought I would share with our friends how we got here.

In 2010 God gave me a burden for North American Missions while I was in Washington, DC on an AYC missions trip. That life changing time with Pastor Jerald Staten and the Living Hope DC church taught me a lot about teaching Bible studies, personal evangelism, outreach, and loving people. Since that time I have asked myself how I could continue to bless NAM Churches. As a youth leader I have been able to send youth to assist in outreach, leading worship, and raising money for mission’s through Sheaves for Christ and Christmas for Christ. Rev. Brandon Skelton, pastor at New Mercy in Mt. Pleasant once called me “a friend to church planters” which means a lot to me.

So how did Quebec come up? At the beginning of 2017 while setting in a training seminar for Revival by Design, I felt God place a word on my heart, “Canada.” I wrote the word on a piece of paper and passed it down to my wife. She looked at me with concern and asked “Are we moving?” I didn’t feel at the time that would be the case. But the following next few days would answer what we were feeling.

Apostolic Youth Corp released their 2017 summer destinations and there it was… Montreal, Quebec Canada. After much prayer and conversation my wife and I filled out the resume in hopes of chosen for the missions trip. After a time of waiting we were notified that we had been chosen. Our surprise came when we were asked to help chaperone the trip.

We feel so strong in the Lord about this trip. God has placed missionaries to Quebec likeIMG_0143 Melissa Fross in our life. We feel that we are answering the call of God in our life by continuing to serve North American Missions by going to Montreal, Quebec and assisting Pastor Dieudonne Kahozi, the missionary to Montreal. Also, as a student pastor we believe in investing in young people. What better way to help in missions and youth than using AYC!

You may be asking, “What is AYC?” It stands for Apostolic Youth Corps (AYC), and it is a ministry of the General Youth Division that facilitates the pairing of ministry-minded Pentecostal students with North American and international sites which need and desire evangelism assistance.  AYC candidates will assist Global Missionaries, North American Missionaries, and work in cooperation with Global Campus Ministry, Campus Ministry International, Compassion Services International, and Metro Evangelism.

Montreal is a city located in the least evangelized part of North America with a population of more than 1.6 million people. While we are there we will experience Montreal’s diverse culture as we participate in street evangelism, homeless ministry, campus ministry, and join different churches in the city for a series of special services. Of course we will do some site seeing while we are there. Places we’ll visit includes the city’s famous Mount Royal and Saint Joseph’s Oratory where we’ll learn the history of Quebec’s spiritual background.

Primarily Catholic and nonreligious, Montreal is ready for an Apostolic revival.

God bless,



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