A Legacy of Prayer


This year my youth group will be embarking on a journey to grow closer to God through prayer. I know this sounds typical, however for our group young people it’s something we are taking serious. We have purchased books from the Christian movie The War Room to draw inspiration, insight from others, and develop a battle plan for daily prayer. We have realized that our time is short, and if we want to impact the world for Christ, it first starts with a relationship with him.

Tonight I’m teaching on The Legacy of Prayer, which is the title of chapter 1 in The Battle Plan of Prayer. I would like to share with you a quote from the book that really caught my attention, “And there is no greater legacy we could embrace or leave behind us than one of faithfulness in prayer.” It’s from this quote that I get my thought today.

I like to highlight and write in my books. This is advice I took from my former youth pastor. I’m not encouraging you to do the same, however I do like to flip through the books I’ve read and remember the thoughts I had when reading that particular book. The note I made next to that quote was this, “The greatest legacy I can pass down to my daughter is a legacy of prayer.” When I took that thought to heart, I began to allow my 1 year old daughter in my room during my hour long prayer meetings. She quickly grabbed a hold of what I was doing, and though her words aren’t formed like mine, she bows her head, gets on her knees, and speaks to God like her daddy.

My wife experienced this one night. As my daughter and I were praying, Sydney walked in to see her husband and baby girl on their knees praying for mommy, and being 8 weeks pregnant with our second child, she became emotional and began to cry. There is nothing that overjoys a parent than knowing their child is doing what’s right and good. In this case we’re training Harper (my daughter) to develop her own relationship with Jesus.

Harper can’t live off her parents faith and relationship with God alone, she’s got to develop her own. But it’s my job to pass down to her a legacy of prayer. Rev. Anthony Mangun of Louisiana preaches passionately at The Pentecostals of Alexandria that he has got a hold of a legacy of prayer passed on by his parents. The key to the fire that Bro. Mangun has is found in his own prayer life, and his model was his parents. For me I’ve been blessed to have prayer warriors in my life, and none more prominent than grandma Hayes. I remember watching my her pray and sow as a kid growing up. She was in constant conversation with the Lord. Next time I see her (she’s 90 years old), I’m going to give her a big hug, and thank her for passing down a legacy of prayer, that touched me and her granddaughter.



Kendrick, Stephen, and Alex Kendrick. The Battle Plan for Prayer: From Basic Training to Targeted Strategies. Nashville, TN: B&H Group, 2015. Print.


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